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China’s first uniserial hundred-ton powered coal rapid pyrolysis project goes to operation

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In carrying out our Party’s 19th CPC National Congress profoundly, chemical materials of ShaanMei Group operated a project of low-grade powered coal rapid pyrolysis at a speed of 1.2 million tons per year on Nov. 9th.

YangZhaoqian, chairman and secretary of the Shaanxi Party committee, as well as WeiJundong, mayor of YuLin, co-operated the construction of the project, which is China’s first uniserial hundred-ton powered coal rapid pyrolysis demonstration project , it is also the achievements of the innovative practice.

LiQianglin, chairman and secretary of the Shaanxi Northern Shaanxi Mines Ltd, which carried out the project. He introduced the project includes rapid pyrolysis at a speed of 1.2 million tons per year, hydrogenization of coal tar suspension bed at a speed of 0.3 million tons per year, and hydrogen production at a speed of 40 thousand cubic metres per hour, devices of sulfur recovery at four thousand tons per year.

ShangJianxuan, vice manager of ShaanMei Group, said the project was self-created technology, it is also the large-scale demonstration of a key technology of coal division and utilization. It is of great significance in the construction of industrial park in promoting ShaanMei Group’s large-scale coal division to transfer into high-end chemical materials. Hoping that Coal Of Southern Shaanxi will cooperate with people of all walks such as technology, design, equipment, construction and Supervision, aiming at making the project domestically first class, and a green coal recycling industrial project. Make sure its early completion and effects.

It's known that on the basis of the key lab of our nation’s energy coal conservation, ShaanMei Group independently created low-grade powered coal rapid pyrolysis, and built a industrial and trial device in YuLin which produces 20 thousand tons per year, the total operation time has been more than 2000 hours. In last September, through a 72-hour spot survey carried out by China petrochemical association, and in a specialist technology appraising meeting,as well as a scientific achievement assessment given by academicians named XieKechang, NiWeidou, YangQiye from Chinese Engineering Academy, the result of which is powerful scientific creativeness and has generally achieved international leading level.     

Through second-level pyrolytic reaction, the technology has a energy efficiency ratio of 80.97 percent, tar yield ratio of 17.11 percent, Gray-King Coal Type tar yield ratio of 155 percent. The tar yield ratio has a high percentage and semi-tar products are clean, furthermore, the aromatic hydrocarbon ratio has a percentage of more than 50 percent. What’s more, through the industrial application of heavy coal tar suspension bed hydrogenation, the 1.2 million ton per year low-grade powered coal rapid pyrolysis, which is also a demonstrative project, has furthermore verified the feasibility of the technology from a gradation of industry field, and has a significant influence to heavy tar.

According to specialist in the field, if 0.3 billion tons of the coal can be graded and converted from 0.5 billion tons of coal in YuLin, then a total production of 50 million tons of oils and nearly 0.15 billion tons of clean Scattered burning fuel will be produced, which will boost coal industry.

YangZhaoqian, chairman and secretary of the Shaanxi Party committee, said that by the end of “the 13th Five-year Plan ”, high-quality coal of ShaanMei Group will have accounted for 94 percent, coal will become ShaanMei’s absolute-predominance industry, ShaanMei Group will grasp the golden opportunity of our nation’s creative construction, and on the basis of international-level and creative low-grade powered coal rapid pyrolysis, trying every means the industry of new-type energy clean,dissolving environmental restriction, extending product chain and improving the value chain, to lay a solid foundation of creating 100-year “Renowned Enterprise”.

(By He Hongwu  YeYang)



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